September 17, New Season Family Gathering

September 24, The Nutcracker Auditions

In Character Dance, students explore Eastern European traditional dance forms.


Theatrical and commercials form of dance styles and techniques. Taught by past and present professionals in each field.

JAZZ, FOSSE, HIP-Hop, TAP (all ages)

In Modern Dance, the fundamentals of contemporary dance are introduced. While much of the class work is structured around modern dance technique and principles, time is also allocated for creative problem solving through movement.

MODERN DANCE (8 - Adult)

In repertoire classes students explore classical and contemporary ballet variations and choreography.  Pointe classes begin at 13 years of age for the most advanced students or as suggested by the Academy Principal.  Pas de Deux is added to the student's curriculum based on preparedness.


These classes allow the teacher to create a wide variety of exercises and combinations to prepare ballet students for the professional world.

These classes, in accordance with the Cecchetti Method, provide the theory and practice of the classical school of ballet. Dancers develop technique and strength as well as proficiency, expressiveness and musicality. Serious ballet students from age 8 to 10 should take two ballet classes a week. An average of at least one additional class per week per year should be added to the schedule from the age of 8. Students will have the opportunity to participate in international exams through Cecchetti USA.


INTRODUCTION TO DANCE Ages (3-7) creative dance 1 & 2

Primary, StandardS 1-4, GRADES 1-7, INTERMEDIATE, and ADVANCED

This course explores ballet and creative basics and focuses on developing the skills of the young dancer. Coordination, rhythm, and the concept of direction and interaction with others are stressed. Terminology is introduced. The Introduction to Dance class gives young dancers the confidence to excel in the next levels of dance.