Cecchetti Exams

Cecchetti Exam Fees
Grade 1 $65
Grade 2 $65
Grade 3 $68
Grade 4 $73
Grade 5 $73
Grade 6 $87
Grade 7 $87
Intermediate Major (Grade 8) $103
Advanced 1 (Grade 9) $129
Advanced 2 (Grade 10) $145
Teaching Certificate #1 $135
Teaching Certificate #2 $145
Diploma $450

What you need to know

Exams are designed to give teachers and students specific goals to work towards and maintain a level of development consistent with international standards.

  • Exam schedule—This year, the 2018 Cecchetti exams will be held from May 15-20. Because of the amount of exams that will be taking place and the studio space availability, your child's exam will take place during the day (9:00 am to 4:00 pm), therefore, doing the exam will mean taking a couple hours off from their school day. The length of your child's exam depends on the level (lower grades have shorter exams, older grades have longer exams).

    The exact schedule with precise times will be given out approximately three weeks before the exam date. The exam week begins with the lower grades first.
  • Fee—Why is there a fee to take the exam? The Cecchetti exam expenses include the cost of bringing an expert examiner who is accredited and certified by Cecchetti USA. It also includes the administration and set-up costs of organizing this week-long examination process.
  • Private lessons—Private lessons can be booked through the front desk. Payment by cash or check required at time of booking.
  • On the day—A more specific schedule with arrival and end times will be announced closer to the exam date. In preparation, please know that on the day your child will need to be "performance ready" with their attire.

    Your child will be marked on their appearance, so please make sure that you double check these expectations before the day:
    • a neat bun with a hair net and hairspray used
    • clean tights, leotard, and shoes
    • no jewelry or nail polish
  • Arriving in time to warm up and prepare:
    • Grades 1–3 should arrive 30 minutes before their exam time
    • Grades 4–6 should arrive 45 minutes before their exam time
    • Grades 7–10 should arrive 1 hour before their exam time


  1. Log in to the Customer Portal
  2. If prompted to agree to policies, check boxes and type name to proceed
  3. Go to the grey "Enroll" tab toward the right side of the page
  4. Go to the "Class Type" drop-down menu and select "Cecchetti Exams"
  5. Select the exam that was recommended for your student in their report card in January
  6. In the pop-up window, check which student you are registering
  7. Click "Enroll"
  8. If prompted, agree to the Policies and sign your name. Click "I have read the above and agree."
    You are required to pay online upon registration in the
    "Fees & Payments" tab in the Customer Portal. If you are for some reason unable to complete the payment online, it will automatically be processed with your March tuition payment on March 1.



The examiners that come to us uphold the most precise standards of international principles, and it is a wonderful accomplishment for a child to receive his or her “Certificate” from Cecchetti USA.  

The young students that are most successful in the exams are dancing at least two classes per week, or have taken the grade for more than a year. The more time spent on study, the better the result! The children taking Grade 4 or above should be dancing four classes per week to achieve the strength, stamina and finesse for excellent results. The amount of time spent in class has a direct correlation with the standard of the work he or she can produce.

The solo dances that are to be performed in the grade exams only are taught in private lessons. Regular classes do not provide enough time to give the individualized attention required to teach a solo. Private lessons also give the opportunity for correction on technical problems. Privates are typically one half-hour for $45, and can be scheduled at the front desk.

We have been putting the students into the exams for the last 25 years, and have had excellent results (1700+ certificates). Our dancers are stronger, more confident, and they concentrate on the solid basics that are needed at each level. We have seen a big difference in their stage performances, readiness for pointe and national auditions since beginning exams. Graduates have been very successful not only in the dance fields, but in the academic arena as well.

Starting at the Grade 2 level, it is advisable for each student to buy a syllabus and CD (cecchettiusa.org), as ballet does require homework. Once a dancer has passed Grade 5 exam and is 12 years old, we know that she is ready for basic pointe-work.  The stronger the dancer, the easier and safer the pointe work for girls and tours en l’air for guys!

Cecchetti Materials

Use the below links to purchase supplementary Cecchetti study materials from Cecchetti USA.