Academy Questions

At what age can my child begin taking dance classes?

Children can begin taking Creative Dance classes at Southern California Ballet at as young as three years old, provided the child is potty-trained. 

What classes are available for my child?

Please take a look at our current classes to see what is available. For specifics on which classes are appropriate for your child, please call us, as each person is unique.

How much does it cost?

We try to provide as much transparency as possible in pricing. We have no hidden competition or costume fees.  

Please find our tuition and all other fees here.

Customer Portal Questions

How do I update my payment information?

If you are not already enrolled in autopay, we'd like you to be. To enroll, you must fill out a physical Monthly Automatic Payment Authorization form available at the studio in order to enroll autopay.

If you are already on autopay, you can update your default card by making it the primary card in the portal.

  1. Log in to Customer Portal.

  2. Click on "Billing & Payments."

  3. Under "Quicklinks," click "Saved Payment Methods."

  4. Click the green "+" button and add your card information.

  5. If you want this card to become the default for monthly autopay, click the "Make Primary" slider in the "Card Info" section.

  6. Click save.

If you want to pay a summer program or performance fee with a different card than the default card: 

  1. Add the card following the above instructions, but do not make it your default card

  2. Click "Pay Now" on your balance

  3. Choose a different payment method in the grey drop-down menu

  4. Click the boxes next to the fee you'd like to pay

  5. Click "Pay Now" and proceed with payment.

Summer Program Questions

How do I enroll in a summer program?


Note: Deposit payment and summer program payment will not be automatically deducted from your account, even if you are on autopay. They must be paid separately.

  1. Log in to the Customer Portal or Create an Account.

  2. Click "Classes" at the top.

  3. Click "Find Classes" (to the right of the square turquoise "My Schedule" button).

  4. Click on the correct summer program.

  5. Click "Add to Cart."

  6. Confirm the correct students and click "Add to Cart" again.

  7. Click on the cart icon at the top of the page.

  8. Click "Enroll Now" and look for a confirmation email.

How do I pay the deposit or balance for a summer program?

A $25 deposit is due by May 1 for the Discover Dance Camp, Summer Intensive, and Summer Masterclass Series.

  1. Log in to Customer Portal.

  2. Click on "Billing & Payments."

  3. Verify that you have a balance that reflects enrollment in the summer program (note: it will also reflect any current tuition fees.)

  4. Click the green "Pay Now" button.

  5. In the "Outstanding Fees" section, locate any summer program fee. To verify that it's one of the summer fees, click on the blue "..." on the right side of the fee row, and check that the "Fee Subtype" is "Summer Program."

  6. Click the checkbox next to the fee and enter the deposit amount ($25) in the "Payment Amount" section. You may also pay the entire balance if you'd like.

  7. Click the green "Pay Now" button and proceed with payment.

For additional questions, please give us a call at (858) 674-1006.