Registration Packets Available

Registration packets for all students are printed and available at the front desk between 12pm-6pm M-F, or Saturday between 8:30am-1:00pm. Please pick-up your student’s packet at your earliest convenience and return it no later than September 1st (no rush!). The 2017-18 academy year begins on September 5th, with Martha Leebolt and Toby Batley as our new Artistic Directors!

In the packets:

  • Class Selection form & individualized letter with your student’s recommended classes
    • Includes instructions for how to register for the next year
  • 2017-18 Tuition & Policies (please review these before registering)

  • 2017-18 Registration Form (both sides must be filled out entirely)
  • 2017-18 Class Schedule, effective September 5th, and on the backside, 2017-18 Class Level Structure

    • Please note: Match your student’s recommended level to the color of that level indicated on the Level Structure document (e.g. Pre-Primary is yellow) to easily identify appropriate classes for your student on the Class Schedule

Steps to register after receiving the packet:

  1. Complete and detach Class Selection form

  2. Review Tuition & Policies document

  3. Complete both sides of Registration Form

  4. Prepare to pay a registration fee of:
    • $25 if you are a returning student
    • $35 if you have been withdrawn for more than two months
      *Payment by credit card preferred, cash or check also acceptable
  5. Bring items 1-4 to the front desk anytime between August 15-September 1

There are no late fees for registration.