Gala & Coppélia: Major Successes!

Last year, we tried a new approach to the annual fundraising gala, and decided that it would specifically support the planned spring production of Coppélia. The 2018 Gala—aptly named Coppélia’s Ball— managed to raise over $10,000 and supported our efforts to put on an amazing production of Coppélia that will endure many generations of Southern California Ballet dancers and the SCB community.

Due to the success of Coppélia’s Ball and our amazing supporters, this was the first time a Southern California Ballet spring production has not lost money!

In addition to its financial success, we celebrate the production’s artistic achievements. Due to the success of Coppélia’s Ball, we were able to build an entirely new set for the production and expand the costumes we had so that more of our dancers could participate and make it a truly spectacular performances. The dancers performed amazingly and seemed to relish the opportunity to have a full, action–packed stage (our mazurka dance had almost 50 people on stage at the same time), allowing us to create the full Coppélia world on–stage.

We also celebrated the return of our alumna and San Diego Ballet principal dancer, Stephanie Maiorano, who performed as Swanhilda in the production. It is with great pride that we have such distinguished alumni who can now return and share what they have learned with students wishing to follow in their footsteps.

More news on returning alumni to come!