Wonderful World Performance Guide


Wonderful World

Annual Academy performance

Poway Center for the Performing Arts

Saturday, September 7, 2019 at 7:00pm


Statement of Philosophy

Southern California Ballet Academy strives to provide a well-rounded dance training experience for each child. One of the ways that we can achieve this is through participation in a specially choreographed dance production presented at the summer’s end—a performance that is supported with a theme, costuming, rehearsals, lighting, props, and all of the exciting elements that make a theater experience complete.

We would like all of the students to be able to participate. Please review this guide before making this commitment with your child. If you have already made vacation plans, please let your teacher know, as we work around these.

How it works

  1. Each class in the participating classes table will perform a dance in the Wonderful World production.

  2. If students enrolled in those classes would like to participate in that class's dance, they must register to do so using the form below. They must also pay a performance and costume fee (see Costs section). Each student can participate in a maximum of seven classes.

  3. Regular classes continue and the dance is practiced during class time (but not the entire time).

Registration deadline: Friday, May 24, 2019



Participating Classes

Name of Class Instructors Days Dance Costumes Combined for
Creative Ballet 1 Kate H. Sat, 9:00am Cottony Clouds Purchase ($75)
Creative Ballet 2 Kate H. Sat, 10:00am Lantern Festival Girls: Purchase ($75)
Boys: Purchase ($30)
Ballet Beginning Kate H. Wed, 5:00pm Clearly Celtic Girls: Purchase ($75)
Boys: Rental ($20)
Boys Ballet Toby B. Tues, 4:00pm Welcome to the Jungle Boys: Purchase ($30)
Standard 1 Kaitie B. Wed, 4:00pm Peacocks Purchase ($75)
Grade 1 Kaitie B. Mon, 5:00pm Nightingale Purchase ($75)
Grade 1 combined with Grade 2 Sat. KT Kalena T. Sat, 9:00am Ivy Purchase ($75)
Grade 2 Wendy C. Mon, 4:00pm Flamingo Parade Purchase ($75)
Grade 2 combined with Grade 1 Sat. KT Kalena T. Sat, 10:00am Ivy Purchase ($75)
Grade 3 Kaitie B. Mon, 6:00pm Waterfall Girls: Purchase ($75)
Boys: Rental ($20)
Grade 3 Wendy C. Thurs, 4:00pm Water Lilies Purchase ($75)
Grade 4 Suzan S. Tues, 4:15pm Stars & Stripes Purchase ($75)
Grade 4 Kaitie B. Mon, 4:00pm Nightsky Purchase ($75)
Grade 5 Suzan S. Tues, 5:15pm Stars & Stripes Purchase ($75)
Grade 5 Sylvia P. Thurs, 5:00pm Ocean Anemones Purchase ($75)
Grade 6 Sylvia P. Tues, 4:00pm Jelly Fish Purchase ($75)
Grade 7 Suzan S. Mon, 4:00pm Spain Girls: Purchase ($75)
Boys: Rental ($20)
Grade 8 Suzan S. Mon, 5:15pm Cuba Purchase ($75)
Repertoire - Intermediate Suzan S. Mon, 6:45pm Giselle Peasants Rental ($20)
Freestyle - Primary Kalena T. Fri, 6:00pm Birds Purchase ($75)
Freestyle - Elementary Martha L. Fri, 4:00pm An English Tea party Purchase ($75)
Freestyle/Pointe - Intermediate - Grade 7 Suzan S. Wed, 4:00pm Northern Lights Purchase ($75)
Freestyle/Pointe - Intermediate - Grade 8 Suzan S. Wed, 4:00pm Northern Lights Purchase ($75)
Jazz - Primary/Elementary Andrea R. Tues, 6:15pm Monkeys Purchase ($75)
Jazz - Elementary/Intermediate Andrea R. Wed, 6:00pm Egyptians Purchase ($75)
Jazz - Intermediate Andrea R. Sat, 11:00am A Murder of Crows Girls: Purchase ($75)
Boys: Rental ($20)
Character - Primary Wendy C. Fri, 5:00pm & Sat, 11:00am Village Polka Girls: Purchase ($75)
Boys: Own (no cost)
Character - Elementary Wendy C. Thurs, 5:00pm Starry Night Rental ($20)
Character 1 - Intermediate Wendy C. Fri, 6:00pm Italian Festival Purchase ($75)
Character 2 - Intermediate (with Company Character) Wendy C. Fri, 4:00pm Night at the Opera Rental ($20)
Company Character (with Character 2) Wendy C. Wed, 5:45pm Night at the Opera Rental ($20)
Hip-Hop - Elementary combined with Intermediate Jonathan R. Tues, 4:15pm Rio Purchase ($75)
Hip-Hop - Intermediate combined with Elementary Jonathan R. Tues, 5:15pm Rio Purchase ($75)
Modern - Intermediate Ian I. Thurs, 5:00pm TBA Own (no cost)
Modern - Company Ian I. Thurs, 6:00pm TBC Own (no cost)
Tap - Elementary/Intermediate Claudia D. Thurs, 6:00pm Happy Together Purchase ($75)
Company Jazz Andrea R. Sat, 1:00pm Waves Purchase ($75)

Rehearsal Schedule

Initial Rehearsals

During regular class times May through August (Southern California Ballet Studio)

Mandatory Rehearsals:

AUGUST 24: 11am-3pm  |  Mandatory studio run-through (Southern California Ballet Studio)

AUGUST 31: 12pm-4pm  |  Mandatory studio dress rehearsal (Southern California Ballet Studio)

SEPTEMBER 7: 12pm-4pm  |  Mandatory theater dress rehearsal (Poway Center for the Performing Arts)

SEPTEMBER 7: 6pm Arrival, 7pm Curtain  |  Performance (Poway Center for the Performing Arts)


Performance Fees

Includes venue rental, lighting supplies, props, backdrops, technical personnel, extra rehearsal time for teachers, etc.

  • Performance fee: $75 per performer, includes video download

  • Reduced fee for siblings: $35 for each additional performer of the same family

Costume Fees

Costumes are carefully chosen per class with respect for budgeting needs.

  • Costume Fee: $75 per costume (one costume per class)

  • Boys Costume Fee: $30 per costume

  • Other:

    • A select few classes instead have rental fees of $20, or do not require a costume purchase

  • Please refer table of participating classes above for exact cost per class

  • No refunds after orders are placed


 $20- $25  ($3 discounts for child/senior/student/military). Sold through the Poway Center for the Performing Arts


Frequently Asked Questions & Other

Can my child participate if we will be away for part of the summer?

This is up to the discretion of the teacher, but probably, provided your child attends class during enough of the summer to learn the dance. Please talk to your child's instructor individually about your vacation to confirm that your child will be able to participate in that class's dance.

After the production is over, do we keep the costume?

You will keep the costume for any classes with a $75 costume fee (or $30 for boys).

What will my child be doing in class if they are not participating in the show?

We believe that learning choreography and preparing for a show is a critical part of a well-rounded dance education, regardless of whether they participate in the actual performance. As such, we encourage students to remain enrolled in their classes and learn the choreography even if they will not be participating in the show, as they will then have an experience of equal value to that of the performing students.

How do I take my child's measurements?

There are half-sheet flyers available at the studio that include measurement instructions and a place to write down the measurements for the form. Remember to add 1 inch to each measurement and to have the measurements ready when you start the online form.

I don't want to fill the form out. Can you fill out the form for me, over the phone or at the studio?

No, we cannot do that. We understand that online forms can be challenging or confusing, but we do not have the administrative resources to provide this service to parents, and encourage parents to take responsibility for completing their child's form independently. 

If you encounter technical challenges, please make sure that you are completing the form on a desktop computer or laptop. If you continue to have problems, please try it in another browser.

If you still have trouble and genuinely need assistance, we understand and would like to help you, so please contact us.


Measuring Instructions


What to do:

  1. Follow the diagram and record your dancer's chest, waist, hips, and girth measurements in inches

  2. Add one inch to each measurement to allow for three months' of growth

  3. Keep these measurements handy so that you can enter them into the registration form. Flyers with measurement guides are also available in the studio lobby.

Contact Us

If you have questions or problems with any part of the registration process, please contact us using the form below after confirming that your question has not already been answered on the Frequently Asked Questions page.

If your question regards vacation and class-time rehearsals, please talk to your child's instructor individually, unless it pertains to any of the mandatory rehearsals (see Rehearsal Schedule).


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