Southern California Ballet offers a discounted tuition program for boys, as well as an introductory boys ballet class designed to prepare boys for more advanced classes. 


Boys Ballet (Primary/Elementary)
Tuesdays, 4:00-5:00 pm in Studio C
A ballet class specifically tailored to boys who want to start ballet in an environment alongside other boys, before going on to more advanced & mixed classes. Boys in this class will begin to prepare themselves physically and mentally for ballet, introducing them to the discipline and basic ballet vocabulary needed to join other classes in the academy.

Other Classes
We encourage boys to try a variety of classes at SCB, including the Cecchetti curriculum ballet classes, freestyle ballet, character, jazz, hip-hop, and modern.

Cecchetti / Ballet Technique Classes by Age

Exam Age
(in May 15 of exam year)
Technique Class
3-4 yrs Creative Dance 1*
4-5 yrs Creative Dance 2*
5-6 yrs Ballet Beginning & Boys Ballet*
6 yrs Standard 1 & Boys Ballet
7 yrs Grade 1 & Boys Ballet
8 yrs Grade 2 & Boys Ballet
9 yrs Grade 3 & Boys Ballet
10 yrs Grade 4
10+ yrs
No experience
Grade 4
10+ yrs
With experience
See front desk for assessment
class recommendation
*No exam offered for levels
with asterisks

Boys Dress Code


Gym shorts, t-shirt, white socks, & white soft canvas shoes.


Black, grey, or navy tights, white t-shirt, white socks, white soft canvas or leather shoes, & dance belt.



Boys Tuition Program

Hours of
Class / Week
Monthly Fee
1 hr $42.00
2 hrs $63.00
3 hrs $78.50
4 hrs $89.75
5 hrs $98.50
6 hrs $107.25
7 hrs $114.75
8 hrs $119.75
9 hrs $123.50
over 9 hrs $123.50

Other Fees

Individual maximum: $123.50
Family maximum: $530
Trial Class or Drop-In
Per hour: Free trial
Registration Fee
New students: $35
Returning students: $25