Our mission is to provide enrichment, education, outreach and public entertainment for the community through the art of dance, and to provide performance and artistic opportunities for dedicated young dancers.


Sylvia Palmer and her husband, Mark Zetler, originally established Black Mountain Dance Centre and the nonprofit 501(c)(3) Black Mountain Dance Foundation in 1983 and 1985, respectively. In 2015, the Foundation was renamed Southern California Ballet, at which point it assumed management of Black Mountain Dance Centre. This expanded organization now includes dance programs, foundation support, and community projects.

Our Vision & Goal

Southern California Ballet will offer the highest quality education to a diverse group of dancers that will include a well-rounded base of learning in all genres of dance, based in a foundation rooted in classical ballet that adheres to the syllabus of the Cecchetti Method.

Our goal is to graduate and produce well-respected, well-adjusted learners who will be successful in all aspects of life and in all endeavors they choose, regardless of whether they pursue a professional dance career.